Patient Information

University of Minnesota Physicians' Reproductive Medicine Center has a history of serving patients from across the state, the Midwest region, and the world. We understand the complex process of coordinating infertility care no matter where you live, and our team of infertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, psychologists and administrative support staff are dedicated to providing you the best in fertility care while maintaining the highest medical, scientific and academic standards for our work.

Schedule an Appointment
Before beginning treatment for infertility at Reproductive Medicine Center, we will schedule you for an initial consultation (a new patient appointment) with one of our providers. This initial consultation includes an examination by the physician or nurse practitioner and a review of your medical history and any previous treatments for infertility.

Prior to scheduling the initial consultation,we ask that you complete the first page of the New Patient Questionnaire. Send it back to us and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

At least five days before your appointment, please complete the rest of the New Patient Questionnaire, the Release of Information and the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information and mail, email or fax them to us. 

How to send forms:
Via fax: 612-372-7040
Mail: Reproductive Medicine Center, 606 24th Ave. S., Suite 500, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Call us to schedule your appointment: 612-372-7050.

Nurse Line

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Our professional team of RN's and LPN's return patient phone calls in-between assisting patients who are in the clinic for appointments. If you are asked to leave a message, this means the nurses are with patients or on the phone helping others. When you leave a message, please include your name, date of birth, a brief description of your question and the phone number where you can be reached. A nurse will return your call the same business day (Monday - Friday). Calls received after 3:30 p.m will be returned the following business day.

Financial and Insurance Information

We understand that there are very significant financial considerations that can weigh heavily on your decision of whether or not to pursue infertility treatment. With that concern in mind, we invite you to contact our financial counselor prior to making an appointment. She can talk with you in person or over the phone to discuss the costs associated with the most common infertility treatments, and discuss the various financial options available. She can also review with you your individual insurance plan and explain how to take full advantage of your health insurance benefits.

Costs for Embryo and Tissue Storage

Annual storage fees for storage of pre-embryo(s), ooctyes/ovarian tissue, sperm, or testicular tissue is $500.

If you wish to discard or donate your specimen(s):
To discard or to donate semen, testicular tissue, oocytes or pre-embryos (donate to a designated person or donate to research), patients are required to:

Complete the appropriate authorization form

Request for immediate disposition of semen and/or testicular tissue 

Request for immediate disposition of pre-embryos


If you wish to transfer your specimen(s):
To transfer semen, pre-embryo(s), or oocyte specimens from our clinic to another clinic or facility, patients are required to:

1. Complete the appropriate authorization form

Authorization for transfer of cryopreserved semen and/or Testicular Tissue

2. Pay the transfer fee: $240 if using RMC shipping tank; $100 if other clinic’s tank is used


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express, check or money order.  For questions, contact our Financial Counselor at 612-372-7020


We are located on the West Bank campus of the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Our office is in the Professional Building on the 5th floor. Please park in the RED RAMP which is located at the corner of Riverside and 23rd Avenue South.

Phone numbers and address 

Clinic Phone: 612-372-7050
To reach us by phone, call during business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Clinic Address: Reproductive Medicine Center
606 24th Ave. South, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55454  


Central Scheduling: 612.672.7422

Provider Referrals: 612.672.7000

Administrative Offices: 612.884.0600

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