Our Laboratory

UMP - Image - Size 5 - RMC Lab PhotoReproductive Medicine Center’s (RMC) laboratory plays a key role in delivering superior quality healthcare by providing comprehensive and efficient diagnostic testing of both males and females. Reproductive Medicine Center is the only IVF program in Minnesota with two on-site Ph.D. Board-certified High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Directors (HCLD). We believe that having two highly trained and experienced (combined 40+ years experience) Ph.D.s overseeing all aspects of laboratory service directly contributes to sustained quality, improved results and greater success.

Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory

UMP - image - reproductive medicine lab smallThe Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory (DAL) at RMC provides high-quality diagnostic andrology (male) services; including semen analysis, advanced sperm testing and sperm freezing. The DAL is expert in evaluating and treating severe male infertility.The procedures used in our lab comply with and exceed current World Health Organization (WHO, 2010) standards. The DAL is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, demonstrating compliance with Federal Law (CLIA ‘88).

Endocrine Testing Lab

The Endocrine Testing Lab provides on-site phlebotomy for blood hormone and genetic testing. Our highly trained staff provides compassionate and safe care during your visit. The convenience of an on-site hormone testing lab allows for rapid transmission of results directly to the clinical team so that your healthcare needs can be immediately addressed. (pictured left to right: Jeff, Kathy, Emily and Jamie)



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