Sexual Offender Treatment Program

For over 25 years, the University of Minnesota's Program in Sexual Health has provided comprehensive evaluations and treatment for men and women involved in harmful sexual behavior. Our research-based model and sensitive treatment of the individuals involved are highly respected and recognized internationally.

Sex offender treatment is provided on an outpatient basis for both men and women. You do not need to be court-ordered to get treatment. Many clients come in voluntarily. Offenses may include:

  • Incest
  • Child molestation
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism
  • Obscene phone calls
  • Rape
  • Internet-related sexual offenses

Our program is designed to help you eliminate sex offending behaviors. You will:

  • Learn what behaviors led up to your offending
  • Learn what triggers your offending and ways to avoid risky situations
  • Gain support from those with similar issues
  • Learn better ways to deal with everyday stressful situations
  • Develop a maintenance plan for sustaining your newly learned coping skills

How to Get Started
Call our office. You will be scheduled for a minimum of three hours of interviews and will need to complete required psychological tests. Additional information may be obtained from your partner, attorney, the courts, or other sources if necessary.

What to Expect
After being accepted into the treatment program you must attend:

  • Weekly group sessions led by male and female co-therapists
  • Individual therapy sessions twice each month
  • Quarterly sessions with your probation officer
  • Required family therapy sessions

These sessions will be continued throughout the duration of the treatment program, which lasts approximately two to three years.

After Care
Group therapy is required after completion of the sex offender treatment program. The group meets monthly to address healthier relationships and communication issues that are important for your ongoing stability.

Court Evaluations
Your lawyer or judge may require that you undergo an evaluation either before or after being charged with an offense. After completing our regular assessment interviews and testing, we will offer general impressions and treatment recommendations that may impact what happens to you in court.


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Administrative Offices: 612.884.0600

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