Lifestyle Medicine Program
for Weight Management

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Clinic Overview

A clinical service for weight loss that is designed to help adult patients with a BMI above 30 to achieve a healthy weight through diet and activity, staffed by a family doctor and a nutritionist.

A weight management and healthy living program based on healthy lifestyle choices, the program is rooted in academic research, not focused on surgical or pharmacological options, and built on an inter-professional approach. The staff is led by a family physician who has published extensive research on obesity and is board certified in Sports Medicine. The team is complemented by nutrition specialists. By using a holistic approach, the team develops a customized weight loss plan based on the unique needs of each patient. This is not a cookie cutter approach or “one size fits all” program. It offers a new option to help those who choose to create a healthier lifestyle. With the support and expertise of a medical team whose goal is a healthier and happier life for their patients, patients can find success. It’s unique, individualized and ideal for those whose weight has limited their function or impacted their health and activities.

This is a great option for those who are dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain or joint pain, and those who are planning hip or knee replacement surgeries.
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Program features

  • Team-based care with a family physician with extensive research credentials in obesity as well as expertise in sports medicine, additional team members including nutritionists
  • Customized for each patient with individualized goal-setting and planning
  • Holistic approach that considers a patient’s total health status as part of weight loss
  • Strong emphasis on diet and physical activity
  • Not excluding, but not relying on surgical or pharmacological options
  • The program includes clinic visits that are based on the needs of the patient
  • Care is supported by a dedicated care coordinator and frequent phone or email contact in between visits as needed.

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