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MINCEP® Healthcare Professional Line

As a physician, if you have any questions, or would like information from a MINCEP physician, nurse, psychologist or other health care provider, you can call the MINCEP Healthcare Professional Line. Just phone 952-525-4500 and ask for the MINCEP Healthcare Professional Line.

MINCEP® Information Services for Health Care Providers

MINCEP wants to work with you to help your patients with epilepsy. Early MINCEP intervention and a well-defined long-term management plan that you can supervise have a positive impact on their quality of life.

Emergency Treatment
If your patient needs help immediately, we can see that patient in our clinic as early as the same day, or, if necessary, we can hospitalize on an emergency basis.

When to Refer
A consultation at MINCEP is indicated when there is difficulty in any of the following areas:

  • New onset seizures especially if presenting with status epilepticus.
  • Refractory seizures not under control after one year of treatment or a trial of two appropriate AED's in monotherapy.
  • Toxicity issues.
  • Episodes of neurological dysfunction of unknown type.
  • Only a few seizures a year, but difficulty coping or handicapped by the inability to drive or work.
  • School adjustment issues (even children with controlled seizures may help).
  • Intractable seizures which you suspect may be psychogenic.
  • When you are not sure of the diagnosis or the proper choice of treatment.

Advantages of Partnership
At MINCEP we treat the "whole person" by attending to psychological, social and educational needs on an individual basis, as well as by providing the full spectrum of specialized medical services. We return a well educated patient with a long-term treatment plan, and the availability of support from MINCEP physicians just a phone call away.

Early MINCEP intervention is a prudent, cost-effective use of health care resources. Scheduling an Appointment.

Contact the Patient Services Coordinator at (952) 525-4538 to schedule the initial appointment or to discuss the case with one of our epileptologists.


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