MINCEP® OptiMed®

Comprehensive Antiepileptic Medication Management

The MINCEP pharmaceutical care coordinator works to optimize antiepileptic drug therapy while minimizing possible side effects. We study the medical history of each patient to carefully evaluate the usefulness of previously prescribed medicines. We also evaluate what the patient is currently taking for antiepileptic medicines, other medicines prescribed, and over-the-counter medications and current side effects.

This information permits us to either fine tune the current regimen or select a different, more appropriate antiepileptic medication. This approach improves seizure control, and helps prevent toxicity and known drug interactions before they result in serious complications for the patient.

Many patients do not realize the importance of a careful evaluation of over-the-counter medicines, herbal remedies, vitamin supplements and diet in determining the cause of side effects and uncontrolled seizures.


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