University of Minnesota Physicians Heart at Fairview

Women and Heart Disease:
know the symptoms, decrease your risk

A heart attack can occur at any time, without warning. Yet, for many women, heart attack symptoms are difficult to identify. At the University of Minnesota Physicians Heart at Fairview, our goal is to help women take better care of their heart and lower their chance of having a life-changing cardiac event.

Nearly 50 percent of women who have a heart attack don’t know it because the symptoms appear minor or vague. It’s important that women don’t dismiss the sign of a heart attack for “not feeling well.”‘Cardiologists report that in addition to the ignoring vague symptoms, women are more inclined to delay seeking treatment because they tend to put caring for others before themselves.

We understand the unique needs of women. Our patient-centered cardiac care is designed to meet women’s individual needs. Our care starts with comprehensive educational sessions and screening programs that inform patients about all possible treatment avenues. “We’re there to talk with you and to listen so we can help recognize and reduce your risks for a cardiovascular event, “ says Jennifer Dankle, D.O., a noninvasive cardiologist. “Above all, we respect the path you want to take and what you want to achieve."

Cardiovascular disease — any disease of the heart and blood vessels — kills more women than all cancers combined — six times as many as breast cancer alone. More women die each year from heart disease than men, refuting the idea that this is primarily a man's disease. As well, while cardiovascular disease is decreasing in men, it is increasing in women.

At University of Minnesota Physicians Heart at Fairview, we understand the distinctive cardiac care needs of women. Our industry-leading Heart Centers provides comprehensive evaluations and state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques. Through an emphasis on early diagnosis, clinical research and community education, we actively demonstrate our thorough approach and dedication to women’s heart health.

For more information about the Women's Heart Program, please visit the Women's Heart Program page.