Planning for Your Weight Loss Surgery

Printable checklist

These three steps are required before your first visit with our team. Please call the Call Center (612-626-6666) at least 24 hours before your consultation visit if you are unable to complete these steps.

  • Online Seminar Video: Register for and view the on-line weight loss surgery seminar video at
  • Online Questionnaire: Follow instructions included in your packet to register for the Patient Portal at and complete the “before visit” questionnaire.
  • Insurance: Contact your insurance company to see if there is a “bariatric exclusion” on your policy. If coverage is allowed, ask your insurance company for the items that need to be met before prior authorization can be submitted.

Initial Consultation Visit:

  • Provider: Review medical, surgical and diet history (from your online questionnaire) to determine if surgery is a possibility for you. If it is, you will be given a list of tasks to complete prior to surgery.
  • Dietician: Meet with the dietician to get a personalized diet plan.

Follow directions on your task list of what to complete before surgery:

  • Psychologist: Set up an appointment with a psychologist for a bariatric evaluation to determine if you can proceed with weight loss surgery. A list of psychologists will be provider to you at your consult visit.
  • Primary Care Provider (PCP): Contact your primary care provider for a letter of support which states a summary of your medical, surgical, weight, and diet history. Bariatric lab work needs to be completed with your PCP clinic and any abnormal labs will need to be treated by your PCP.
  • Dietician Visits: Your insurance company will tell you how many visits are needed. Our program requires a minimum of 3-6 visits. Do not miss a month.
  • Weight Loss: You will be asked to lose weight prior to surgery. The amount is determined at your 1st clinic visit. You will need to be at your “goal weight” 3 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Other Tasks: Additional tasks may be required depending on your medical and surgical history.

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Visits:

  • Review Progress: Meet with the bariatric team and your surgeon to review your progress, update your task list, confirm type of surgery and finalize a surgery date.
  • Task List: All documentation must be completed and received by the surgery scheduler 30 days prior to your surgery date. We need to submit it to your insurance company to obtain prior authorization.

Final month prior to surgery:

  • History and Physical: Obtain a pre-op history and physical (H&P) from your primary provider. This must be done within 30 days of the surgery date.
  • Weigh-in Visit: Call your surgery scheduler 1 month prior to surgery to schedule a “weigh-in visit” 3 weeks before surgery. You must meet your goal weight at this time.
  • Mandatory Pre-op Weight Loss Surgery Class: Call 612-273-4894 to schedule the “pre-weight loss surgery class” for the same day as the “weigh-in visit.”
  • Anesthesia Clinic Visit: Anesthesia may call you to schedule a visit 1-2 weeks prior to surgery.

For questions relating to surgery or the pre-surgery task list, please call:

  • The pre-surgery nurse coordinator at 612-625-1124
  • The surgery scheduler at 612-624-6102
  • Our fax is 612-625-3206 (to send FLMA paperwork, clearances, etc)

Call Center: Surgery Clinic 1E Appointments/RN Triage Phone: 612-626-6666



Central Scheduling: 612.672.7422

Provider Referrals: 612.672.7000

Administrative Offices: 612.884.0600

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