Primary Care

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The primary care physicians at Women’s Health Specialists at University of Minnesota Medical Center provides preventative care, health and wellness education, menopause care, gynecologic care, as well as care for chronic disease.

Preventative Care

Because prevention is key to a long and enjoyable life, we at the Women’s Health Specialists clinic offer preventative screening, immunizations and annual well-woman exams. By collaborating with other women’s health care providers, we assure you thorough assessments and the best in preventative measures.

Health and Wellness Education

Hand in hand with prevention comes health and wellness education. The Women’s Health Specialists clinic strives to empower women with the knowledge to create and sustain optimum health. For example, we offer education and consultations on holistic health, contraception, perimenopause, genetic counseling, psychological counseling, and much more.

Menopause Care

Menopause is a time of many physical and psychological changes in a woman’s life. We understand the hormonal shifts behind these changes and we strive to make the adjustment to menopause both a comfortable and positive experience. We address lifestyle modifications, nutritional approaches and consideration of bio-identical hormones. We also offer continence care for women with incontinence and other bladder dysfunctions – often improving health, functioning and quality of life with simple, non-surgical treatments. Working with a collaborative team, we offer complete and insightful care for mature women.

Chronic Disease

Living with a chronic disease can be challenging. At the Women’s Health Specialists clinic, we understand and strive to provide you comprehensive, coordinated care for an optimum quality of life. Our highly trained care team can help you manage chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and other chronic conditions


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