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Breast Cancer

What is breast cancer? It forms in the tissue of the breasts, usually in the tubes that carry milk to the nipple (ducts) or the glands that produce milk (lobules). Each cancer behaves differently, and accurately identifying the cancer is essential to effective treatment.

How often does it occur? Every year, breast cancer is diagnosed in more than 229,000 women across the United States, and more than 39,000 die from the disease. Although rare, breast cancer also occurs in men, with approximately 2,000 cases diagnosed each year.

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? We take an innovative approach to care, participating in clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of cancer, as well as testing the effectiveness of hormone-blocking or dietary interventions. Our comprehensive approach includes breast screening, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment care.

Our treatment team of specialists is extensive, and includes:

  • surgeons
  • radiation and medical oncologists
  • pathologists
  • radiologists
  • genetic counselors
  • nurses
  • rehabilitation therapists
  • social workers

We are one of only 17 centers in the nation participating in the I-SPY2 clinical trial. This trial strives to speed up the testing of promising new breast cancer drugs in development for women with higher risk, rapidly growing breast cancer. It would also benefit women for whom an improvement over standard treatment could dramatically change the odds of survival.

Doctors and Providers