Genitourinary Cancer Information
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Genitourinary Cancers

What are genitourinary cancers? They are a variety of cancers that are found in the male and female urinary tract, including the bladder, kidneys and ureters. They are also found in the male reproductive organs, including the prostate, testicles and penis.

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? We provide a broad array of expertise and treatment options for all genitourinary cancers. Our broad expertise includes:

  • active surveillance with advanced imaging
  • MRI-guided biopsy
  • robotic surgery
  • newer chemotherapy and oral medications
  • vaccine therapies

We have served as leaders in genitourinary cancer diagnosis and treatment for many years. Our program pioneered endoscopic urology using percutaneous approaches to biopsy masses in the kidney.

We are one of only a few medical centers in Minnesota to offer Cysview®, breakthrough technology that significantly improves detection of bladder cancer.In addition, the prostate-specific antigen test was first validated at the University of Minnesota as a marker for prostate cancer.

Cancer Info

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