Uterine Cancer

What is uterine cancer? It is cancer that forms in the tissue lining the uterus. The uterus is an organ in the female reproductive system where a fetus develops.

How often does it occur? The American Cancer Society estimates slightly more than 47,000 women are diagnosed with uterine cancer each year. Approximately 8,000 die from the disease.

Are there different types of uterine cancer? Yes, the most common form is known as endometrial cancer. This is cancer of the inner layer of cells that line the uterus. Another less common type is uterine sarcoma.  This is cancer that starts in the muscle and supporting tissue cells of the uterus.

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? The gynecologic cancer team provides a comprehensive and coordinated program of care for women with uterine cancer. Care includes innovative treatment options, including:

  • robotic surgery
  • emotional and psychological counseling

As one of the largest gynecologic cancer services in the Midwest, we provide expert care and access to the latest in research as well as new approaches to treating gynecologic cancers.