Vulvar Cancer

What is vulvar cancer? It is cancer of the vulva, the skin that surrounds the female genitals:

  • clitoris
  • vaginal lips
  • opening of the vagina

How often does it occur? Vulvar cancer is rare. The American Cancer Society estimates approximately 4,400 women develop vulvar cancer each year, and 950 die from the disease.

Vulvar cancer rates in the United States have increased in recent decades. Further, vulvar dysplasias (precancers), which may precede the diagnosis of cancer, have quadrupled since the mid-1970s, indicating a potential rise in the incidence of this disease in coming years.

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? The gynecologic cancer team provides a comprehensive and coordinated program of care for women with vulvar cancer. We offer innovative robotic surgery, as well as emotional and psychological counseling.

As one of the largest gynecologic cancer services in the Midwest, we provide expert care and access to the latest  research as well as new approaches to treating gynecologic cancers.