Head and Neck Cancer Information
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Head & Neck Cancers

What are head and neck cancers? They include all cancers occurring in the head and neck region. Head and neck cancers can affect the following areas:

  • larynx
  • lips
  • mouth
  • neck
  • salivary glands
  • sinus and nasal
  • tongue

How often do they occur? The incidence of cancer varies for each type. For example, oral cavity cancer accounts for about three percent of all new cancers, while larynx cancer accounts for only about 1 percent in Minnesota.

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? Our head and neck cancer experts provide patients with comprehensive, high-quality treatment and care for the needs of both the patient and the family. Our goal is to achieve a positive impact on the patient's quality of life and long-term survival.

Our physicians have been national leaders in head and neck cancer clinical trials for many years. They currently are leading an international cancer prevention trial that targets patients with high-risk oral leukoplakia lesions using a drug traditionally used for patients with Type 2 diabetes.

The specialists that make up our treatment team for head and neck cancer include:

  • medical oncologists
  • therapeutic radiation oncologists
  • surgeons
  • diagnostic radiologists
  • pathologists,
  • dentists
  • prosthodontists
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • speech pathologists

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Doctors and Providers

  • Walsh, William E., MD| Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat), Medical Illustrator