Thyroid Cancer

What is thyroid cancer? It is cancer that develops in the thyroid gland. The thyroid is located on the front of the neck just below the voice box or Adam’s apple. It is part of the endocrine system which makes and regulates hormones in the body to control such things as heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism.

How often does it occur? Approximately 56,500 new thyroid cancer cases are diagnosed each year in the United States and 1,700 individuals die from the disease. Women are three times more likely to develop thyroid cancer than men. Thyroid cancer is also considered one of the most curable types of cancers.

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? Our head and neck cancer specialists provide thyroid cancer patients with comprehensive, high-quality treatment and care. Our team of specialists designs a treatment plan for each patient with respect for the needs of both the patient and family. We aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for both the patient's quality of life and long-term survival.

The head and neck cancer team of specialists includes:

  • medical oncologists
  • therapeutic radiation oncologists
  • surgeons
  • diagnostic radiologists
  • pathologists
  • dentists
  • prosthodontists
  • nurses
  • social worker
  • speech pathologist

Doctors and Providers