Lung and Esophageal Cancer Information
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Lung and Esophageal Cancers

What are lung and esophageal cancers? They are cancers of the following:

  • lungs
  • bronchial tubes
  • esophagus – the tube that carries food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach

They are also known as thoracic cancers. Lung and esophageal cancers share some similarities, and many physicians who treat lung cancer also treat cancers of the esophagus .

What does University of Minnesota Cancer Care offer? Our lung and esophageal cancer specialists are experts in treating lung cancer and all chest-related cancers. Patients with lung and esophageal cancers often have complex medical needs and require comprehensive therapies such as:

  • surgery
  • radiation
  • chemotherapy
  • novel treatments

Our lung and esophageal cancer specialists see more than 1,000 patients each year and work with them to develop a customized treatment plan.