AIS-CIN3 Referral Tips

When sending a patient to gynecologic oncology please obtain and send the following information:

Past Medical, Surgical, and Family history:

  • Pertinent co morbidities that may influence preoperative clearance such as obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, COPD and/or prior CAD. Refer patients with multiple cardiac risk factors to cardiology before or simultaneously to gynecologic oncology referral
  • Recent pap history, and pathology reports from any biopsies and/or excisional procedures such as CKC or LEEP
  • Previous operative reports, pathology records and/or pertinent treatment records from prior treatment on anal/genital dysplasia

Physical examination:

  • Please document your cervical/colposcopic examination with attention to the size and number of lesions seen and biopsy sites, Please document your assessment of the parametria, vagina and groin region and document any findings suspicious for metastatic disease


  • No specific imaging, we will order radiology studies as indicated.