Referral Tips

When sending a patient to gynecologic oncology please obtain and send the following information:

Past Medical, Surgical and Family history:

  • Pertinent co morbidities that may influence preoperative clearance such as obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, COPD and/or prior CAD. Refer patients with multiple cardiac risk factors to cardiology before or simultaneously to gynecologic oncology referral
  • Any information that you have regarding family history of breast, ovarian, uterine, urothelial or GI (pancreatic, stomach, colon) cancers

Physical examination:

  • Please document your pelvic/abdominal examination, as well as recto-vaginal examination.
  • Please include any findings suspicious for metastatic disease

Lab work:

  • CA125, should be done as part of the patient's evaluation, please include the results of this test
  • If the patient has a family history significant for GI cancers, is not up to date with their colon cancer screening and/or has significant gastrointestinal symptoms a CEA or CA19.9 tumor marker may be done prior to referral
  • Please do not perform biopsies or paracentesis/pleurocentesis for diagnostic purposes prior to referral. If a paracentesis or pleurocentesis was performed for therapeutic purposes, then please include a copy of the cytology report


  • Please have the patient hand carry an electronic copy of all imaging studies that have been done, along with the typed reports, to their visit. In most cases this should include a chest, abdomen and pelvic CT with oral and IV contrast.