Blastomycosis - Patient Success Story


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 Because 66 well-choreographed days later, Scott caught his second wind.

He was admitted to the ICU with a severe case of blastomycosis. He left with inspired thoughts about his doctors, family and the world around him.

Blastomycosis is a very rare fungus that’s specific to the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys. So at first, what was causing Scott’s incessant cough was a bit baffling. It wasn’t until Scott saw intensivists and infectious disease experts through University of Minnesota Physicians that the elusive answer was found. He had blastomycosis-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Teams would have to get to work. Fast.

For the next few months, Scott was in an induced coma as he received an inventive treatment of alternating steroids with a high-frequency oscillator ventilator. Sixty-six days later, Scott’s lungs had healed. Thanks to a devoted team of doctors, who coordinated his care from the moment he was admitted through his physical rehab, Scott Stepp beat a disease with a 50/50 survival rate.

Prior to coming down with ARDS, Scott didn’t have much experience with intense medical care. Afterward he said what impressed him most, through his diagnosis, coma and recovery phase, was how involved and informed University of Minnesota Physicians kept him and his family. He knew his doctors poured their hearts and souls into saving his life. And for that, Scott, his wife and three young children are very thankful.

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