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Because January 12, 2008 changed everything for Goffrey Duevel.

A donor heart had become available. And with it came more life than Goffrey had dreamt possible.

At age 5, Goffrey was treated for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His cancer went into remission, but the stress of treatment took its toll on his heart. Years later as a Florida college student, he had an echocardiogram as part of his annual oncology appointment. The test showed some disturbing results, and Goffrey was told his best chance for survival would be through a heart transplant.

“I was impressed with my cardiologist, and it wasn’t cost-effective for me to fly back and forth for treatment,” Goffrey says, explaining his decision to move back to Minnesota. “I gravitated toward him. We just worked well together.”

In 2005, at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Goffrey had a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted. Two years later, he received a left ventricular assist device to help his weak heart continue to work properly while he waited for a new heart. In January 2008, he got the call. A heart was available.

Today, Goffrey is doing well, attending college in Minnesota for—what else?—cardiovascular technology, something he says wouldn’t be possible without the heart specialists of University of Minnesota Heart Care.

“Their care is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve had nothing but exceptional people around me.” 

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