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Every sunrise is full of life

Regan is a happy, active two-year-old girl. She is beginning gymnastics lessons and loves playing with her sisters Reese (6) and Rowan (5). “She’s full of life every day,” her mother, Nora, says. Might sound pretty normal, but for Regan's family, it’s pretty fantastic.


Baby Regan – Heart Surgery

On Oct. 27, 2010, Nora delivered her third child, a baby girl named Regan. Prior to her birth, Regan was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, a congenital heart condition that she also shares with her father TJ and oldest sister Reese. For the first five months, Regan progressed just as any healthy baby should. As the family prepared for Easter weekend, however, Regan’s appetite began to diminish and her fussiness increased. “I thought I was taking Regan in for something routine and never imagined that her heart was beginning to fail,” said Nora.

The family was devastated to find out that Regan was in heart failure, especially since her sister and father were living healthy lives with the same condition. Soon after, Regan’s parents met with cardiologists at Masonic Children’s Hospital to learn more about the Berlin Heart® EXCOR – a life-saving ventricular assist device used to bridge pediatric patients for transplant. “We really had no other option,” said Nora.

On May 4, 2011, 6-month-old Regan underwent surgery to place the Berlin Heart. James St. Louis, MD, pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon and co-director of The Heart Center at Masonic Children’s Hospital was pleased with the surgery and noted that Regan was the second youngest patient to receive a Berlin Heart. As the days progressed, Regan continued to make significant improvements.

Nora was extremely pleased with the level of care and attention her daughter Regan received during their 71 day hospital stay. Nora noted that the doctors and nurses took the time to answer questions. “I felt good about the plan and actively involved in Regan’s day-to-day care.”

After being on the Berlin Heart for seven weeks, Regan received her heart or “angel heart” as mom Nora calls it. She was able to go home to be with her family thirteen days after her transplant.

Happy and healthy outcome

After the transplant, Nora was concerned about coordinating follow-up care for Regan. But, Dr. Rebecca Ameduri and the medical team have made it easy. Regan and her family are at the center of a comprehensive care plan that includes regular communications and quick answers when they have questions. They even get medications delivered right to their door. The family is always included in discussion about Regan’s care, even her sisters. This is especially important for Reese, who has the same condition and is now under Dr. Ameduri’s care, too.

The wonderful care they receive from the hospital team puts them at ease. So, they can worry about more important things – like keeping up with Regan.


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