Patient Success Story


On a Saturday afternoon, making sandwiches in the kitchen with her two teenage daughters, Shelly felt her heart racing. She was sweaty, light-headed and nauseated. The symptoms were familiar. From her mid-20’s, Shelly had experienced worrisome episodes of sporadic heart racing. Anxious, she asked herself, “Is it the VT (ventricular tachycardia) again or is it a heart attack?”

Using advanced technology, the cardiologists at Fairview Southdale Hospital discovered Shelly had an extra electrical pathway that caused her heart to race. With a brief, minimally invasive procedure on her heart, doctors successfully removed the extra pathway and restored Shelly’s normal heart beat.

Today, Shelly doesn’t have to worry about her heart racing anymore and is able to do the things she loves most—such as taking her dog Copper for daily walks.

“I experienced awesome care. Everybody was very caring.”


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