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Because November 3, 2009, changed Yvette Hewitt’s perspective completely.

That’s the day Yvette went from being a nurse to being a patient. Soon after, she entrusted her care to University of Minnesota Physicians.

Yvette is a woman very much in tune with her mind and body. Meditation, tap dancing, even alternative medicine. So she sensed something was wrong when she found another lump in her breast after she was treated for cysts. That’s when Yvette turned to University of Minnesota Physicians for a second opinion. As she says, “I’ll never forget hearing I had cancer.” But what she says will stay with her long after her cancer is gone is the patient-focused approach of University of Minnesota Physicians.

The Breast Center at University of Minnesota Physicians is unique for several reasons: It provides the entire spectrum of patient care to screen, diagnose, and treat breast cancer, with a team of doctors, spanning multiple specialties, working side-by-side.

Patients like Yvette benefit from our partnership with the U’s Masonic Cancer Center—the Twin Cities’ only National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center—which provides patients access to advanced treatments and new therapies.

Oncology wasn’t Yvette’s specialty as a nurse. So, she asked to be treated like any other patient. Sure, there were ups and downs. Fortunately, someone was always there to monitor her treatments, to explain procedures, and to help her weigh her options. In dealing with a big thing like breast cancer, Yvette learned to appreciate the little things most, especially the handwritten notes from her doctor. Not only was her doctor open to alternative medicine treatments, she outlined the pros and cons of each treatment option and always included Yvette and her family in the decisions.

Yvette’s coordinated treatment plan is scheduled to end soon. After, she’s planning to take some time for herself in between follow-up visits. And who knows? Maybe even dust off her dancing shoes.

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