74 UMPhysicians providers named
Best Doctors for Women 2014

UMP - Image - Best Doctors for Women 2014 coverLooking for innovative, compassionate care that recognizes the specific needs of women?

University of Minnesota Physicians is pleased to announce that 74 of our physicians in 28 specialties and subspecialties were honored by Minnesota Monthly as part of the magazine’s annual “Best Doctors for Women” feature.

More than 509 Minnesota-based physicians were named in the latest issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands on Dec. 23. All were nominated by their peers for both their professional expertise and their attention to women’s medical needs.

The nomination of 74 physicians in 2014 represents a roughly 75 percent increase over 2013, when 42 University of Minnesota physicians across 18 specialties and subspecialties were recognized by Minnesota Monthly as “Best Doctors for Women.”

In addition to the nominations, Carrie Ann Terrell, MD, from the Women’s Health Specialists Clinic at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, is pictured on the cover of Minnesota Monthly and quoted in the “Best Doctors for Women” feature.

When asked what advice Terrell would give to her female patients, she responded:

“Many women have a healthy fear of breast cancer but in actuality most of us will die from heart disease or complications of diabetes. These diseases don’t have the fund-raising initiatives or marketing that research for breast cancer has, despite their seriousness. Women need to know that doing everything they can to reduce their risk of heart disease will likely lengthen their lives. Coincidentally, many of these same lifestyle changes lessen their risk for cancer, too!”

University of Minnesota Best Doctors for Women 2014


Cardiovascular Disease
Marc Pritzker, MD, FACC

Colon and Rectal Surgery
Mary, MD, MPH
Robert Madoff, MD
Genevieve Melton-Meaux, MD, MA
David Rothenberger, MD

Kimberly Bohjanen, MD
John Fenyk, MD
Maria Hordinsky, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
John Bantle, MD
Lynn Burmeister, MD
Lisa Chow, MD
Elizabeth Seaquist, MD

Family Medicine
Nicole Chaisson, MD, MPH
Jon Hallberg, MD
Kara Pacala, MD
Carolyn Torkelson, MD

General Surgery
Gregory Beilman, MD
Richard Zera, MD, PhD

Geriatric Medicine
Teresa McCarthy, MD
James Pacala, MD

Gynecological Oncology
Peter Argenta, MD
Linda Carson, MD
Levi Downs, MD
Melissa Geller, MD
Rahel Ghebre, MD
Sally Mullany, MD
Deanna Teoh, MD

Linda Burns, MD, PhD
Dale Hammerschmidt, MD
Mark Reding, MD

Infectious Disease
Susan Kline, MD, MPH
Meghan Rothenberger, MD
Jo-Anne Young, MD
Daniel Zydowicz, MD
Alisa Duran-Nelson, MD
Tanya Melnik, MD
Heather Thompson Buum, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Daniel Landers, MD, FACOG
Jessica Nyholm, MD
Tracy Prosen, MD
Kirk Ramin, MD
Yasuko Yamamura, MD

Catherine Bendel, MD
Thomas George, MD

Hassan Ibrahim, MD, MS
Connie Manske, MD
Marc Weber, MD

Paul Tuite, MD
David Walk, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Suzanne Darnell, MD
Mary Pukite, MD
Carrie Terrell, MD

Anne Blaes, MD
Edward Greeno, MD
Rebecca Thomas, MD, MH Sc
Douglas Yee, MD

Andrew Harrison, MD
Michael Lee, MD

Elizabeth Arendt, MD
Bradley Nelson, MD

Holly Boyer, MD
Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH

Pain Medicine
Miles Belgrade, MD

Pulmonary Disease
Joanne Billings, MD, MPH

Charles Dietz, MD
Jessica Kuehn-Hajder, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
Mark Damario, MD, FACOG
William Phipps, MD
Sports Medicine
Heather Bergeson, MD, FAAP
Suzanne Hecht, MD

Thoracic Surgery
Rafael Andrade, MD

Sean Elliott, MD, MS, FACS
Nissrine Nakib, MD

Vascular Surgery
Steven Santilli, MD, PhD, MBA


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