Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Eisengart, Julie, PhD, LP

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  • Pediatrics
  • Neurology

Care Philosophy

Dr. Eisengart uses a systems approach to understanding the infants, children, adolescents and young adults who she evaluates neuropsychologically. That is, she believes it is critical to take into account how the young person’s relationships and multiple environments (home, school, community, etc.) influence functioning, and to use this information as part of the process for interpreting results of performance on neuropsychological evaluations. Dr. Eisengart cares about all of her patients as unique individuals and strives toward a strengths-based model, rather than a deficit model, in formulating recommendations for intervention, rehabilitation and accommodation. She deeply values her role as a neuropsychologist to help those in a child’s life (such as educators, community members, and family) understand the true nature of a child’s strengths and needs, and to provide useful information on how to support that child in living his or her best life.

Clinical Interests

  • Rare Genetic Diseases of Childhood
  • Storage and Metabolic Disorders
  • Pre- and Post-Transplant Evaluation
  • Prenatal and Perinatal Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Complex Medical Involvement



University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Education Institution

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (Ph.D.)


Central Scheduling: 612.672.7422

Provider Referrals: 612.672.7000

Administrative Offices: 612.884.0600

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