Specialty highlights

Team approach
Our doctors work together across different specialties to provide the best care possible. For a child with severe asthma, the team might include a pediatric allergist, lung specialist, critical care doctor, family doctor and behavioral pediatrician. Your allergy specialist might work with an ear, nose and throat doctor or a head and neck surgeon as needed.

Convenient, coordinated care
Appointments take place at the Allergy and Asthma Clinic on the Minneapolis campus and at University of Minnesota Health Maple Grove Clinics. Our pulmonary (lung) laboratory offers state-of-the-art testing and imaging.

Innovative care
Our physicians conduct research through the Center for Lung Science and Health, an interdisciplinary research center devoted to developing new treatments for and reducing lung diseases.

Leading research

Understanding the immune system
Our doctors research the basic biology of the immune system to gain insights into the allergic response and find the way to possible cures.

Objective measurements
Studies aim to define immunologic diseases using objective, lab-based measures, which can help create standards for diagnosis and treatment.


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