Educational Seminars

Meet MINCEP® Seizure Experts®

Current and accurate information about epilepsy and uncontrolled seizures is not just for people with epilepsy, but for everyone! At MINCEP®, we believe knowledge empowers people to make informed choices and helps reduce misinformation.
We invite you to meet with one of our caring expert physicians at an upcoming seminar near you. We hope our seminars will empower you to take charge of your healthcare. For Straight Talk About Treating Seizures

Please check back soon for our future seminar dates!

MINCEP® seminars are free, open to the public and presented by board certified neurologists specializing in seizures and epilepsy. Seminars are funded solely by MINCEP® Epilepsy Care. No funding from pharmaceutical companies has been accepted in the production or promotion of these seminars.

For information and to register call (952) 525-4507 or write to

All seminars begin at 7 p.m.

Monday, January 20th
Holiday Inn St. Paul Downtown
175 W 7th St.
St. Paul, MN 55102
Cathedral Room
Refreshments provided


  • What patients can do to help prevent seizures
  • Current treatment options
  • Adjusting to life with epilepsy
  • Seizure and epilepsy basics and treatment
  • Not all seizures are obvious: When is an unusual event a seizure?

Who should attend?

  • Those interested in learning more about seizures and epilepsy
  • Family members of those who have seizures or epilepsy
  • If you suspect that you or someone you know is having seizures, but are unsure and would like to learn more
  • People with epilepsy and experiencing seizures, and their families
  • Caregivers including nurses, nursing assistants and group home caregivers

For information and to register call (952) 525-4507 or write to


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