MINCEP Patient Care

MINCEP strives to provide services to patients at a reasonable cost and as conveniently as possible. Unless critically ill and transferring from another hospital, all patients are initially seen in our outpatient clinic. Only a third of MINCEP patients eventually require hospitalization, including many who come from great distances. We tailor diagnosis and treatment to each individual patient.

At our outpatient clinic, you will be treated by a MINCEP Epileptologist, a highly trained physician who specializes in seizure disorders. That expert will take a complete history, review past medical records and perform an appropriate physical examination. Your MINCEP epileptologist may order some or all of these special tests and consultations:

Long Term Video EEG Recordings

Routine EEG tests as performed in most doctors' offices are not sufficient. MINCEP performs meaningful tests interpreted by experts. An EEG with a video recording provides data for an expert to observe the body along with the seizure. At MINCEP, physicians interpret video EEG's that patients undergo for sessions lasting approximately lasting 2 to 24 hours. Video EEG monitoring may be performed in the office or in the hospital.
Advanced MRI techniques, PET and interictal SPECT scanning can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. MINCEP has access to the most advanced techniques available. Ictal SPECT examinations require hospitalization.

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing provides information about different types of brain functioning. The tests employed tell us the nature of any brain dysfunction and which parts of the brain are affected. The information assists in the determination of the correct localization of brain dysfunction in order to develop a medical or surgical treatment plan. The information obtained by our neuropsychologists also provides guidance for rehabilitation efforts and for long term planning.

Pharmacy Consultation – MINCEP® OptiMed®

MINCEP's Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) takes a careful history of each patient. It is important to know all prescription and over-the-counter products used by the patient, as well as the epilepsy medications the patient is taking or has taken. Drug interactions, side effects, and toxicity can be greatly reduced with careful monitoring.

Psychological Consultation

Psychological and social issues facing a person with seizures affect every aspect of life. Identifying these stress factors and dealing with them appropriately enhances the ability of the patient to benefit from treatment and reduces seizure frequency.

MINCEP Wellness® Program

MINCEP believes an informed patient can better understand the need for adherence to the prescribed treatment plan. An educated patient better understands what to expect from the disorder and how to deal with and gain control of epilepsy's effect on quality of life. The MINCEP Wellness program uses a holistic approach founded on solid scientific information. This program helps prepare the patient to become the captain of the treatment team.


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