Alzheimer’s disease breakthroughs. Our physicians are helping to identify the biological basis of memory loss and discover molecular markers that will help with early diagnosis and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Discovery of genes associated with Muscular Dystrophy and Ataxia. UMPhysicians doctors have identified genes for several forms of ataxia and associated with muscular dystrophy.

New standards in stroke treatment. Our team has defined better ways to treat stroke, improving outcomes even for people who live in communities without a stroke specialist.

Botox and other treatments for dystonia.

Eating disorders and the vague nerve. UMPhysicians researchers have collected solid evidence showing how the vagus nerve – which starts in the brainstem and extends down to the colon – perpetuates binge eating and vomiting in bulimia. We’ve tested different approaches to stimulating this nerve as a way to treat the eating disorder.

Powerful brain imaging. Working with some of the most powerful MRI machines in the world at the University’s Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, we’ve used ultra-high-field imaging to observe the brain’s innermost workings.


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