Areas of Specialization

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Our neurosurgical specialists use the latest techniques and applied research to perform a wide array of neurological treatements and therapies. We are constantly refining these procedures and researching new applications for neurological disorders so we can offer the best patient care possible.

Our neurosurgery specialists perform many different types of treatments and therapies for multiple specialty areas, to learn more choose among the following:

Brain Tumors
Our specialists in neuro-oncology treat a broad spectrum of benign, malignant and metastatic brain tumors.

Complex Spinal Disorders
State-of-the-art comprehensive spinal care is available for the full range of spine conditions, from the standard to the complex.

Conservative Management of Spine Disorders
Non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders.

Adults and children can find hope, even for the most difficult to control cases, with our comprehensive care and access to the latest breakthroughs and technology.

Movement Disorders
Our multidisciplinary teams conduct comprehensive evaluations for each individual patient to find the optimal treatment for managing movement disorders.

Pediatric Neurosurgery
Our pediatric neurosurgeons are experienced in the full range of neurosurgical disorders and care for each child with compassion and technical excellence.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery
Our team approach optimizes the care we give to our patients with problems involving the peripheral nervous system. Surgical repair of injured nerves can optimize recovery and alleviate pain associated with the injury.

Skull-Base Surgery
Today, successful operations and low complication rates are a reality for skull-base abnormalities. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists treats adults and children.


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