Deviated Septum


People whose nasal septum (the wall between each nostril) is off center, may experience frequent nosebleeds, trouble breathing through the nose, frequent infections, noisy breathing during sleep and sometimes even pain and headaches. Many people who have septal deviation can recall trauma to the nose, however, some people have a deviated septum since birth.

A careful nasal examination will detect septal deviation and rule out other causes of nasal obstruction. The examination may include the use of a scope to look into the back of the nose.



Patients who suffer from a deviated septum may be candidates for a septoplasty, a surgical procedure in which a portion of the septum causing the congestion may be removed or readjusted. Usually this surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and may be completed at the same time a rhinoplasty is performed to change the outward appearance of the nose.


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