Microtia (ear deformity)


Microtia is a very rare disease in which a child is born with a ear deformity. Children born with microtia should first have their hearing checked, since this is essential for children to develop normal speech and language skills.  

In most cases, microtia only affects one ear and in most of these cases the normal side typically has normal hearing. Hearing on the side affected with microtia is usually the equivalent of having a finger stuck in one's ear.

To correct this, reconstructive surgery is usually recommended for children between the ages of three and seven. The age type of surgery performed usually depends on how severe the deformity is and whether or not the child's hearing is affected. If hearing loss is an issue, children are given a hearing aid. A cat scan is also recommended, but not for children in their first couple years of birth. A cat scan helps identify if there are any deformities within the inner ear. If there are inner ear surgery is necessary, however surgery by a plastics and reconstructive surgeon is usually done first.  


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