Orthopaedic Clinic


Orthopaedic Clinic
University of Minnesota
Medical Center, Fairivew
Riverside Campus
First Floor, R102
2512 Seventh St. S
Minneapolis, MN 55454


Central Scheduling:  612-672-7422
Direct Clinic Line:  612-273-9400

Sports Medicine physicians at the orthopaedic clinic offer a comprehensive, coordinated approach to sports injuries and wear-and-tear problems, including knee and shoulder injuries, muscle strains, torn ligaments, tendonitis and stress fractures.

Sports Medicine Physicians:

The following is a list of sports medicine providers at the Orthopaedic Clinic. For information about all physicians and services at the Orthopaedic Clinic, go to the main Orthopaedic Clinic page.

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Central Scheduling: 612.672.7422

Provider Referrals: 612.672.7000

Administrative Offices: 612.884.0600

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