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Our referral outreach laboratory is a collaboration between Fairview Health Services and University of Minnesota Physicians. University of Minnesota Physicians Outreach Laboratories, as owner/operator, provides the administrative, marketing, and medical direction while University of Minnesota Medical Center performs the technical laboratory services. This specialized and complex laboratory work, performed at the University location, remains consistent with the high quality standards you have been accustomed to over the past several decades from the University Outreach Labs. With our dedication to customer service and a full array of leading-edge testing, our focus is on quality, accuracy, timeliness, and continued development of innovative diagnostic laboratory testing.

Consultative and interpretative assistance is provided by pathologists, doctoral scientists, and other physicians from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology of the University of Minnesota Medical School.

We provide:

  • High quality, accessible, cost effective, comprehensive services
  • Innovative clinical laboratory practice
  • Educational resources for our healthcare practitioners
  • Accessible diagnostic information in response to customer needs

Recognized regionally and nationally, the laboratory offers a full range of testing services, from acute care support to unique reference diagnostic testing, with a strong emphasis on quality, accuracy and timeliness.

Services include: routine and complex testing, 24-hour clinical pathology and technical consultation, cost competitive pricing, cutting-edge technologies, educational opportunities, and special project assistance.

Use the links below to download instructions and forms for testing. To request current information on test prices, please call 612-625-3949.

Downloadable Forms and Instructions
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Molecular Inherited Genetic Disorders and Non-NGS Oncology
Molecular NGS Oncology
BGen Information and Requisitions
Coagulation Requisition
Cytogenetics Requisition
IFC Requisition
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