Community Care Program

Patients experiencing difficulties in paying for the cost of their medically necessary care may qualify for assistance under our Community Care program.

This discount program applies to services billed by University of Minnesota Physicians.  It does not apply to services billed by the CSH Clinic, Fairview Health Services or the Dental Clinic.  

This is a discount program to assist you with paying for your medically necessary care that you need to maintain your health.  It does not apply towards care that is considered elective or cosmetic. 

Program Guidelines

Patients whose annual Gross Income is at or below 275% of Federal Poverty Guidelines and assets do not exceed $500,000 may qualify for the program.  

Assets include:  Checking, Savings, Money Market Accounts, Certificate of Deposits, Mutual Funds, and Retirement Accounts.  Retirement funds will be included as assets.  

Patients must apply for Medical Assistance programs before being considered for this program.

(Family size – Annual Gross Income)
1 - $33,385
2 - $45,265
3 - $57,145
4 - $69,025
5 - $80,905
6 - $92,785
7 - $104,665
8 - $116,545

Families with more than 8 persons, add $4,320 for each additional person.

How to Apply

To apply for Community Care, please download the application here, (Spanish version can be found here) and return the form with the requested information. We will not be able to process your application without all of the requested information. Please sign and send to the following address:

University of Minnesota Physicians
6300 Shingle Creek Parkway, Suite 600
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

If you have any questions regarding this program or whether the care you are receiving may be eligible for this program, please call:

Financial Counselors for pre-visit planning: 763-782-6639
Business Office for patients with billing questions: 763-782-6634 or toll free 1-800-317-8840

APProval Process

Once your application is received, we will review your application and you will receive a written response as to whether you qualify for this program.